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Faith and Reason

It is sometimes said that faith and reason are opposite; even that they cannot coexist, that they are contrary to one another and mutually exclusive.  I believe just the opposite: that they mutually assure one another.  All faith is supported by a reason, and all reason relies upon faith.  They are never apart.  Reason relies upon faith in sensory perception, faith in logic, faith in intellectual processing, etc.  Faith is always directed by the mind, even if only intuitively, in determining what beliefs and concepts deserve faith.  I believe both concepts are so foundational to conscious existence that a worldview cannot exist without having both faith and reason.  Reason is built upon the illusion of certainty in a fundamentally uncertain world, and faith is ascribed based upon personal reasoning, which is often flawed.  So both are built upon a fairly shaky foundation.  But neither exists without the critical support of the other.

Sadly, it seems to me that often those who value faith fail to acknowledge that their faith is based upon their own reasoned beliefs, and those who value reason often refuse to acknowledge the faith in perception and logic upon which their reasoning is built.

Do I have it wrong?  Do you believe either faith or reason can function without the critical support of the other?

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